Star Plus’ Dil To Happy Hai Ji (4 Lions Films) is a heart-warming tale that revolves around a free-spirited girl name Happy (played by Jasmin Bhasin).

In the ongoing episodes, Rocky (Ansh Bagri) has kidnapped Happy to seek revenge from her.

Now, in the coming episodes, Rocky thinks that Happy is a cunning girl whose intentions are to take away his brother Chintu’s (Aru Krishansh Verma) money. In order to seek revenge from her, Rocky, who has kidnapped Happy, decides to marry her to make her life miserable.

However, Chintu turns saviour for Happy and rescues her. This melts Happy’s heart, and she agrees to tie the knot with him.

Later, Happy’s cousins stop her and ask her to rethink her decision of marriage, as they think that Chintu is not an apt boy for Happy. However, Happy sticks to her decision of marrying Chintu.

Meanwhile, Chintu is also happy and looking forward to his wedding day.

It will be interesting to see if Happy and Chintu’s wedding actually takes place. Or Rocky will plan something nasty against Happy?