Star Plus’ popular daily Naamkaranis trying all the gimmicks in its breathing stage. In the upcoming episode, another major drama is set to happen in the TV series.

Well, in the upcoming episode, Mogli (Kabeer Shah) will go missing. It is not really clear why and how he will disappear. It might happen so that since Avni (Aditi Rathore) will shout at him, he will run away.

Avni will go out to search him. She will start shouting on the roads. When she won’t find Mogli, she will break down in tears.

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However, during this time, Neil will come to her rescue. He will give her a helping hand and try to find Mogli.

What will be interesting to see is the fact that Neil and Avni will get closer, courtesy the kid. The duo had been going through some serious issues in the past. Mogli, who is also supposedly their kid, will apparently bring them closer.

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Where will be Mogli hiding and how will they find him is something the viewers will get to know once the episode goes on air.