It seems Ammaji is NOT alone this time around..

TV land went abuzz a few days ago when it was confirmed that one of the most iconic shows on Colors, Na Aana Is Des Laado will indeed be coming with a new season and will be a continuation from where it left last time. The second season if finally here and is titled Laado 2.

And while, it was a relief that Meghna Malik will be reprising her memorable character of Ammaji in the second season; the show gives a lot more reasons to be seen as it has roped in some of the most popular faces on television.

The promo just went live yesterday starring Avika Gor, Ankit Raaj and Palak Jain. Here, I review the promo and analyse how the new chapter in this saga may fare later.

What is it about?

The promo begins with none other than Ammaji who is still in Veerpur, but is in a completely different temperament.

The voiceover mentions how Ammaji evidently has a ‘forgettable’ past and that the atrocities never stopped.

The visuals continue to how Ammaji is now a better woman and has put her past behind her for her granddaughters (played by Avika Gor and Palak Jain).

Things are happy and blissful till the scene shifts to a burning pyre and a crying Avika. This is when the voiceover highlights the fact that ‘As You Sow, So Shall You Reap’ and that happens in this birth itself.

What’s Good?

Meghna Malik seems to have never gotten out of the character as Ammaji, where she absolutely steals the show once again in a dialogue-less (for her) promo. Her emotions and expressions are enough to remind you that there can be no other Ammaji, ever.

Albeit this is a new chapter to an iconic show, there is a fresh breath of air in this season, which doesn’t look forced at all. The continued base plot seems more than justified and keeps you intrigued already.

What’s Not-So-Good?

The stereotyping voiceover overdoes his Haryanvi accent so much that it annoys you and you want to shut him up.

While the starcast seems aptly placed for their roles, the complete setting seems over the place. I say that thinking if a leap is shown (a major one), we can only expect things of the village to get better and not worse considering the queen has retired. That doesn’t seem to be the case this time too.

The Verdict

The positives and the return of an iconic character are enough in itself to give you all the reasons to watch the show. However, with an alluring starcast and a gripping storyline, Laado 2 seems to have gotten better.

Rating – **** (4/5)