The romantic drama Naamkaran is entertaining the audience with its gripping storyline and the chemistry of the lead pair. The show which airs on Star Plus will soon see a heavy duty track in the coming episode.

The viewers already know that Avni (Aditi Rathore) has lost her NGO, as a result of which she is leaving with her kids in Neil’s house. However, she is in constant hunt for a small house which she can run as an NGO, just like her Muskaan house.

In the upcoming episode, it will happen so that Avni will go out hunting for a house. When she will visit a broker to finalise a deal, two evil minded guys will spike her water. They will add intoxicating material in her water so that they can take advantage of her and rape her.

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Avni will drink the water and once she will start losing her consciousness, they will start touching her inappropriately.

Well, if you thought Avni will get raped, then you are wrong.

Despite losing her consciousness, she will have the ability to fight them.

She will turn into a ‘lady Singham’ and start hitting them with a file and chair. When the two will gang up on her, her prince charming will enter.

Yes, Neil (Zain Imam) will enter at the nick of time to save her. By the time he will reach, she will completely lose her consciousness. He will beat the goons and bring Avni to his place. But by the time, they will reach, Avni will faint.

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Isn’t that a really gripping and interesting track? What do you think?