Just like they keep doing it time and again.

Ishq Subhan Allah on Zee TV has been gearing up for a lot of drama with Kabir’s (Adnan Khan) project ahead, and Rukshaar and Miraj’s (Gautam Vig) plan of defeating Zara (Eisha Singh) in revealing their truth.

Up next, the duo will be seen heading to Kashmir where they will try to find out details about Siraj (Piyush Sahdev), the same person who kidnapped her and tried to get married to her. However, they will fail to execute their plan, and fall in trouble instead.

A drunkard, who assumes Zara to be his wife teases her, which obviously does not go down well with Kabir and he fights him off. Zara’s heart melts on seeing this happen, and in the moment, she hugs Kabir tightly to express her affection, and also, because she was scared of all that transpired.

Will the duo be able to know Siraj’s truth? What do you think will happen next? Drop in your comments below.